Metropolitan Washington Chapter of NIGP
About Us

The Metropolitan Washington Chapter (MWC) of the National Institute of Government Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP) is organized to promote the professional development of members involved in the procurement function of governmental entities within the Washington Metropolitan Area. We have established cooperative relationships among our members for the development of efficient purchasing methods and practices in the field of educational and public institutional procurement. Our profession is rapidly advancing and it is imperative that we continuously educate and promote excellence in our field.

As an affiliate of NIGP, MWC offers members the educational, professional development and networking opportunities they require to efficiently and ethically carry out their responsibilities. For more information on the National Institute of Government Purchasing, Inc. go to


The Board of Directors work in the Chapter is essential to growth and the credibility of MWC. A high standard of ethics is maintained at all times. This Chapter is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to government procurement professionals.

The Objectives of this Chapter are:

· To study, discuss and recommend improvements in governmental purchasing;
· To collect and disseminate useful information to its members;
· To develop and promote simplified standards and specifications for governmental buying;
· To promote uniform purchasing laws and simplified standards;
· To promote professionalism in public purchasing through continued education;
· To promote the interchange of ideas and experiences within the purchasing professions; and
· To promote on-going training and certification of those engaged in the profession.